Childhood part 2

I remember my mom was having a hard time with money so we sold the house and moved into an apartment more in town. We lived right behind a dollar general. I met a girl named Christian. She had move there over summer. So we would hang out a lot.

Christian and I would go to the dollar store and buy candy and sell it to the other neighbors we tried our best to make money. We both went into the fourth grade that year. Turned out people liked her so she basically cut me out because I wasn’t popular.

Fourth grade was a hard year for my friend Taylor. One of her friends accused her father of something he would never be able to come back from. I’m not sure if it was true or not but one morning Taylor was getting ready for school and found her that her dad hung himself out front. Needless to say she didn’t ever come back to school and moved away.

I always walked to school because I lived so close now. It wasn’t far but it was nice I got alone time. A year full of being bullied and and getting dentition and like two friends.

In the middle of 5 grade I got my first boyfriend. And well I honestly didn’t even know what I was to do. So he was basically just a friends that I hung out with at school. My mom was super depressed in this time. I never told anyone about him his name is Cameron and I don’t even know is last name or anything I dont even know how to find him if I wanted to. In my goth grade year my mom stared a divorce.

My mother also found a boyfriend. She is in her 40s and well this guy is like 6 years older than my sister. I’m her 20s. I was confused. I really don’t care about the divorce or anything I haven’t seen my dad in a long time anyway. but that’s when my visits with him stopped.